Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What and Why...

button: NO XMAS
It's simple.

For a good chunk of 2005 buying a Sony CD and playing it in your computer meant that their player installed a rootkit on your computer. Essentially, it installed files on your computer and then cloaked them, making it impossible for you to know that your computer had been compromised.

Among other questionable things, the method it used to achieve this "cloaking" meant that other people, even malicious strangers, could install files on your computer, and you would never know it happened.

If you or I distributed a CD with this "feature" we'd be looking at jail time.

There is only one language corporations speak: currency. So this year, let's speak it. Loudly.

Buy no Sony products this Christmas and let them know what you think about their little DRM escapade.

No Sony for Xmas == No Xmas for Sony.